Question of the Day: Are Testosterone and Gun Safety Compatible?

At :26 in, sportpro448 aims his SIG at the cameraman. Yes, it’s empty. But the rule isn’t “Never point a weapon at something you’re not prepared to destroy unless the gun’s unloaded.” Judging from the pace of his movements and his receding hairline, sportpro448 doesn’t suffer from low T.  Quite the opposite. So do you avoid young males with guns down at the range or out and about, or at least give them a wide berth? I do. And yes, I was one of them, once.


  1. avatar LR308 says:

    I avoid anyone @ the range who is acting carelessly no matter what their age. I'm going to the range tonight with four of my friends and one of them makes me a bit nervous now and then. Since he's a friend of mine I don't mind chewing him out when he gets a bit careless.

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