Question of the Day: Are Digital Watches Back in Fashion?

What’s next, Pet Rocks? Hey, how about you tell this guy his timepiece is geeky? But seriously folks, what do you wear when you go to the range? I’m always aware that I should wear whatever I would wear when I’m wearing a gun, no matter where I’m shooting. When I test fired the Ruger SR9c at American Firearms School earlier this week, I wore a short-sleeved dress shirt. When I extended my arms into a shooting position, it clung to my not-quite-as-manly-as-this-guy’s shoulders. The shirt is now serving in the Salvation Army . . .

By the same token, I’ve resisted the urge to buy shooting glasses. If push comes to shove, I don’t think I’ll have the time to switch eyewear. In fact, I don’t wear sunglasses whilst shooting unless it’s really bright. What’s your gun range/plinking dress code?


  1. avatar Chris Dumm says:

    Jason Falla! I haven't seen him on TV since I canceled my satellite TV earlier this year. Good show:

  2. avatar andrew442 says:

    Suunto and 5.11 watches are standard "operator" gear. Handy for their compass, barometer, elevation functions. When I was in, they (Suuntos) were issued items for a unit I was assigned to.

  3. avatar Rayborn says:

    LOL thats awesome, This picture was taken at THOR Global Defense Group and Knesek Guns annual Machine Gun shoot, and that was a day to remember especially when Falla took the time out of his hectic schedule to hang out with members and guests.

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