“Others point to our state’s comparatively liberal gun laws”

Seems the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (not to mention major fires but don’t get me started) brought their cart and pony show into Nevada today. Just like his Dallas doppelganger, the agent in charge of Project Gunrunner’s Las Vegas branch reached out to the media with vague statements on both the problem of Mexican gunrunning and the ATF and sometimes E’s $37.5 million solution. “Resident Agent in Charge Tom Chittum says additional resources in southern Nevada will help to disrupt the supply chain nationwide . . .

“Southwest border issues don’t only impact southwest border states. Some internal areas of the U.S. also impact it. Southern Nevada is one of them. We’ve had a history of firearms trafficking schemes originating in Las Vegas” he said.

And then the paper slips in this little gem . . .

Chittum explains Nevada’s proximity to the border states, an easy one-day drive in most cases, makes it an attractive source for smugglers. Others point to our state’s comparatively liberal gun laws.

Care to explain that one 8newsnow.com scribe Kyle Zeulke? Pray tell; what “others” might that be and what aspect of Nevada’s gun laws make the state attractive to Mexican gun smugglers? Enquiring minds want to know.

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