NFL Browns’ Shaun Rogers: $400k Wrist Slap for Gun Offense

The NFL has fined Cleveland Browns’ player Shaun Rogers $400,000 for carrying a loaded gun into an airport, in violation of the league’s “personal conduct policy.” And . . . that’s it. Rogers has some choice words for people who consider the nose tackle lucky for getting a community service order from a judge and dodging a playing ban. “How’s it better?” Rogers said with a laugh. “Well, I’m still losing money. I don’t play for free.” No, he bloody well doesn’t. The $400,000 ding represents roughly 1/17th his $6.9 million salary. For this season (excluding bonuses). The AP reports that Rogers is taking action to stop the NFL from stealing food from his table. “The former Pro Bowler, who has not practiced this summer because of a leg injury that ended his season after 11 games in 2009, is appealing the decision.”

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