Massad Ayoob: Suit Up!

We’ve yet to have the honor of a comment from legendary trainer and professional defense witness Masad Ayoob. But we know someone who has: When commentator lawboy asked how to strengthen his home defense plan, Mr. Ayoob chimed in with a practical suggestion: get the kids to lock their doors from the inside and take cover. I’m not so sure about that idea, great one. I’d rather have the sprogs behind the Mrs.’ SIG behind my XD/Benelli shotgun. But I’m probably wrong. Anyway, the next idea really caught my attention . . .

Strongly consider having body armor in your bedroom, a Good Thing to be able to throw on quickly if you have to move through a home that may now contain armed intruders. It amazes me how many people keep lethal weapons at bedside because they recognize that criminals with guns could shoot at them during a home invasion, but consider body armor — designed to stop that same criminal gunfire — to be somehow paranoid.

Google is my friend. Just don’t tell Sam I already bought an FN SCAR today . . .

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