Ladd Everitt: Gun Control is Not Racist

Writing for Waging Non-Violence, Ladd Everitt attempts to debunk the idea that gun control is inherently racist. Although he commits journalism’s cardinal sin (by misspelling my name), the Director of Communications at the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence pens a mighty tome. As I’m off to meet the rabbi and have some fun with guns, I don’t have time to address all or indeed any of the many important points raised by his anti-pistoleros polemic. Suffice it to say, I appreciate the power of non-violence. I was educated in a Quaker school . . .

I vote and believe in the democratic process. But I’m not big into martyrdom. Nor would I recommend it as the best way for a minority group to assert or reclaim their rights. One of which is the right—for all Americans– to keep and bear arms. Which exists for a reason. More later . . .

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