Is This the Most Expensive Gun Training Video Ever Made?

I like gun training videos. The rabbi’s are top notch. It’s no secret that they’re not big budget bonanzas. Why should they be? While Matrix-like CG 3D eye candy might increase their GPWV (Gun Porn Whoa Value), a gun training video is, at the end of the day, a gun training video. They’re best judged by the amount of instruction they impart. Now I’m not saying that Magpul Dynamics‘ new shotgun video is low calorie, high sugar fare. I’m saying, Holy Mother of Magpul Marketing Batman, did they spend some money on this production or what? It’s yet another sign that the firearms industry is coming of age. The media age. While TTAG will continue to offer its own low-budget cinéma vérité videos, and we still think the rabbi’s work in the field is without peer, hats off to Magpul for pulling this one off. My debit cards’ hot to trot.


  1. avatar Brett Solomon says:

    Clearly their firearm accessory sales help fund the videos, and it shows… And just noticed available in Blu-Ray too!
    I coincidentally enjoyed a Frosty last night.

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