“Hartford Evacuated After Submachine Gun Shooting”

huliq.com reports that Hartford, CT police have barricaded parts of Hartford in their search for a robber who abandoned a Tec-9 machine gun. Hang on; the Tech 9 is not necessarily a submachine gun. It’s sold as a semi-automatic weapon; you’d have to convert it to make it fully automatic, a process that would trigger some serious jail time. “After a robbery attempt at a Mobil gas station before 6 a.m. EST, police followed the suspect. An officer approached the suspect, believed to be in his 20s or 30s. The man then shot at police and disappeared into a house at 100 Whitmore Road.” A submachine gun to knock off a gas station? Scare mongering or misinformation? Does it even matter, given how fast you can shoot a Tec-9 (or any semi-auto wepaon)? We report, you deride.


  1. avatar david says:

    While the reporter probably knows next to nothing about guns, the tec 9 is one of the easiest guns to bumpfire (i'm guessing you probably knew this already) and could be mistaken as a fully automatic if it was used like that.

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