Gun Review: Ruger SR9c – Safety First?

Make the jump to see a close-up photo of the Ruger SR9c’s safety. HINT: it’s the small switch at the back of the gun.


  1. avatar Austin says:

    Do you know how to properly grip an M1911? Strong hand thumb rides the safety to keep it off while firing. This also allows you to switch the safety off as you grip the gun. The Ruger has a similar safety mounted in a similar location. The gun isn't poorly designed, you are just gripping it wrong.

    1. 1911-style safeties are designed for combat. They're big and they stand proud of the gun. This thing is like a Chicklet. It's small in every direction. As I pointed out in the video, you can train to accomodate the SR9c's safety, but would you? More to the point, would the average buyer? It's too easy to ignore.

  2. avatar B P says:

    I can’t figgure out what your bitch is?
    You don’t like the Ruger SR9c. period.
    You don’t like the location of the safety.
    You don’t like a safety. ( thats a period )
    You don’t like to practice using a safety.
    You don’t like to practice.

    You DO like to bitch.

    Just checking…………..

    1. avatar Robert Farago says:

      I do like the SR9c.
      The safety’s location is not the issue
      I don’t like a safety on a self-defense gun (period)
      I don’t mind practicing with a safety (in fact it MUST be done if a safety there be)
      I LOVE to practice
      I do like to bitch–but only when it’s warranted (and yesI know that’s subjective).

      1. avatar B P Moffit says:

        Thanks for the clarification.

  3. avatar Steve Black says:

    In my opinion, the safety on the SR series was an unfortunate decision by Ruger and the only reason I will never own one.

    The aim point is precisely the same as my current carry weapon and that would make the SR9c the perfect weapon, except for this option.

    I wonder if they would ever consider making one without it. S&W M&P compact 9 comes both ways. Hint, Hint…

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