Gilbert Arenas: Silencers of the Lawyers

You may recall that NBA hoopster Gilbert Arenas got slapped on the wrists for bringing a bunch o’ guns to the stadium. You may also recall that his gun dealer sued Mr. Arenas for $70k re: five Berettas and silencers that the NBA b-baller ordered—but never received or, more to the point, paid for. Plus storage fees (of all things). Now that he’s community servicing his sentence away, Arena’s lawyers are busy telling CA’s Tactical Operations to piss off. Check their strategy, via TMZ . . .

Now, Arenas has moved to dismiss the dealer’s claims because the alleged agreement involved the sale of “‘silencers’ to a civilian,” which violates both California and federal law.

In the docs, Arenas’ lawyer claims, “It is a felony for any person … to possess any silencer for firearms” and it was therefore “illegal for [Tactical Operations] to sell any silencer to Arenas.”

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