George Clooney: I’m Scared of Guns

“Guns, rifles – there’s something frightening about them,” actor George Clooney told someone (repeated throughout the ‘net and now here). “Although I’ve grown up with them in Kentucky and although I’ve had to use them in a lot of my films. I’ve learnt to use them, but I’m still scared of them.” Oh FFS. Is this how Clooney attempts to reconcile the fact that he’s made hundreds of millions of dollars from movies wherein his character uses a gun or guns—including his spy snoozer The American—with his fund-raising for gun control groups and measures? Good thing I’m not scared of hypocrites.


  1. avatar sacamano says:

    Yes, because if you come from Kentucky, of course you're familiar with guns. The same way everyone from Kentucky is familiar with moonshine, banjo picking and eating Collard greens for dinner. Nice premise, George. That'll get you far, you freakin' elitist.

    1. avatar Martin Albright says:

      Actually, though, it will. Being from Kentucky means he can entertain his Hollywood buds with snickering references to incest and bad teeth and get away with it. 'Cause he's from there, you see. (See also: Ashley Judd.)

  2. avatar EJQ says:

    So, he’s scared when he makes a public appearance to make money, surrounded by armed security?

    Should have chosen a less stressful profession. Neurosurgery, maybe. Oh, wait, gotta be smart for that.

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