Drug Lords Gun Down Another Unarmed Mexican Mayor

The more I think about the drug wars down below the borderline, the more I’m reminded of The Magnificent Seven. Mexican banditos terrorize poor peasants. Unarmed peasants call in hired gunfighters. Gunfighters defend the defenseless, killing the bad guys. In real life, Mexican peasants are just as unarmed as their fictional counterparts. The bad guys are just as bad, if not worse. Only there are no gunfighters, just banditos. And they win. “In Mexico’s northern industrial heartland, gunmen late Thursday killed the mayor of the town of Doctor Gonzalez,” kentucky.com reports. “[This is] the tenth time this year that commandos have gunned down mayors.”

Riddle me this Sr. Batman, are we really depending on the Mexican government to restore social order in areas controlled by endlessly wealthy criminals? And if not them, who? Us? There will never be a point at which the Mexican Powers that Be ask U.S. troops to do what must be done. If they even wanted to (money talks, politicians listen).

The only alternative: arm the Mexican people. After all, they have a constitutional right to bear arms. They’re the one who have the motive, means and opportunity to defend the rule of law. Forget stopping the flow of illegal guns to drug lords. It’s time to start the flow of guns to the people of Mexico.


  1. avatar Irv says:

    Mexican nationals have a 2A equivalent?

    1. avatar Robert Farago says:


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