Discretion is the Better Part of . . . Whoa! Dude! Nice Ferrari!

Over at everydaynodaysoff.com (tell me about it) they’ve got a picture of a 1955 Ferrari 410 Superamerica. Having driven one, all I can tell you is that a car’s only as good as its brakes. Unless it’s been restored to better-than-new-condition with a few subtle, life-preserving upgrades. Such as this hand-made gun holster. Then again, I’m not so sure about having a gun in plain sight. Also, properly exercised, that V12 gets hotter than—nope, can’t go there. Um, it gets Glock-meltingly, Walther-brandingly hot. But what’s the alternative?  texasholsters.com‘s glovebox rig’s pretty good. The Seat Buddy sells really well, and hides when the door’s closed. Installing either would be an unconscionable desecration, whereas this solution leaves me shaken, not stirred.

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