CA Long Gun Registry (AB 2358), Open Carry Ban (AB1934) DEAD

American gun control has reached its high water mark. It did so a while ago. Sometime before the Supreme Court’s Heller and then McDonald decisions, striking down DC’s and Chicago’s handgun bans. Of course, there are plenty of battles to be fought in the trenches, at the local and state level, where anti-gun ordinances are still springing up (Chi-town) or remain in effect (MA’s high capacity magazine law). But just as [now] Senator Scott Brown’s stuning win in the heart of lib-land signalled massive political changes across the country, the California legislature’s failure to pass two gun control measures by their midnight deadline indicates that the gun control movement is in reverse . . .

AB1934 would have mandated a state maintained registry for all long guns (rifles, shotguns). The Senate failed to act on the bill. AB1934 would have banned the open carry of unloaded (yes unloaded) guns. That measure missed the cut by a single vote.

Again, don’t expect to see an immediate or dramatic rollback in the Draconian or just plain odd laws that govern gun ownership, storage and use throughout these United States. But gun rights groups are plinking away, removing barriers to the right to bear arms in targeted skirmishes.

The Truth About Guns will be here to chart the changes. For now, the Second Amendment has dodged another bullet in a state where common sense rarely prevails.

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