Bulletstorm Litmus Test

Although I’m generally an anti-union type of guy, gamingunion.net is an excellent source of videogame reviews. In the run up to the release of Bulletstorm, Lee Bradley clarified its desirability with characteristic aplomb.

As for whether the game is for you or not, consider this. Bulletstorm is a game not content with featuring mere double-barrelled shotguns. Oh no. Bulletstorm has quadruple barrelled shotguns. If that’s the kind of thing that puts a big silly grin on your chops, then Epic and People Can Fly may just have the game for you. Duke Nukem beware.

If that seems a bit fanboyist, also consider this warning from YouTube commentator DrQuijano. . .

What sucks is that this awesome new game will likely be underhyped and under reviewed by a bunch of crysis 2 loving medal of honor 78 humping halo freaks who are currently having killzone 2 + 1 induced orgasms.

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