CSU Shooting Stinks

9news.com reports on a campus shooting at Colorado State University (CSU): “The victim, who was not a student at the school, told police he was shot in the arm outside Summit Hall by a black man just after midnight after the suspect asked him for drugs. CSU Police say the victim left campus and reported the shooting to the Broomfield Police Department several hours after he was shot. Police do not have any other descriptive information available and are asking anyone who saw or heard anything suspicious on campus to call the CSU Police Department by calling 9-1-1.” Something doesn’t smell right . . .

A black man asks the victim for drugs then caps him in the arm?  And then the victim leaves the campus and waits “several hours” to contact the police?

Thanks to the lightweight reporting the general public will only remember that there was a gun on a college campus and somebody got shot.  The rest of the story is just pesky details.


  1. avatar Martin Albright says:

    To add just a bit to those who aren't from around here: CSU is located in Fort Collins, about 65 miles Northwest of Denver, whereas Broomfield is a Denver suburb. IOW, the victim not only reported the crime several hours after the shooting, but he reported it at least 50 miles away.

    My guess? Victim was looking for drugs, got robbed and shot, drove back to Broomfield, and then realized that a gunshot wound isn't something you can just throw a band-aid and some neosporin on, so after several hours of extreme pain he finally went to the hospital, which is required to report gunshot wounds to the police.

  2. avatar prbrown09 says:

    Martin – I agree with your assessment. It’s still irritating that the story is presented so poorly. The “reporter” could have dug a little deeper and asked the victim why he would wait so long after being shot. It would be entertaining to hear the response…

  3. avatar Chris Dumm says:

    His response, were he foolish enough to offer it, might go like this: “I had to drive home, sober up, ditch the methamphetamine and the stolen car, and hide my stolen Glock. 40 before I sought help.”

  4. avatar csuram says:

    All they did was copy and paste information from the CSU Safety website. I think this was a very lazy portrayal of journalism…

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