Obscure Object of Desire: Tatanka Rifle

I’ve  become addicted to playing been playing an iPhone game called High Noon. It’s Western dueling game, that’s surprisingly fun. Recently, they upgraded the weaponry, and now, instead of choosing between a U.S. Navy Revolver, a lever-action rifle and a side-by-side shotgun, they’ve added some new toys to the arsenal. You can buy a Banker’s Revolver (3x more deadly than the default U.S. Navy Revolver), a Stagemaster Shotgun (50% more deadly than the regular shotgun), and a Tatanka Rifle (also 3x more deadly as compared to the standard lever-action “buffalo rifle” that is but 2x better than the default revolver. I’d never heard of the Tatanka, so I did what I usually do when I don’t know something. I Googled it. Turns out, there is such a thing. And it’s a thing of beauty.

Alkali International Corporation takes Marlins and pimps the ride up to the Tatanka. Oh, and offers lots and lots of options, for the next time you wanna take on a herd of buffalo. You can get it in a 24″, 26″ or 30″ barrel. It fires the 45-70 Gov. .450 Marlin load, but they have options that will let you run even hotter than that.

This is one wicked cool gun, and something that you might expect to see in a movie about the Old West. Here’s the description of their ‘base’ model:

The Tatanka comes with a standard size lever, crisp 2 1/2 lb trigger, heavy duty extractor, full length imagines tube, Decelerator recoil pad, glob front sight, ghost ring, tang, or receiver rear sight (customer’s choice), with semi buckhorn back up sight on the barrel. The metal finish comes in standard bluing, beaded stainless and Cerakote as an option.

That is one wicked-cool firearm, compadre. Now I just need $1,495 and a herd of buffalo.

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