Concealed Carry Shirts: Ironic or Moronic?

I recently (um…about 5 minutes ago) stumbled across this Zazzle site for concealed carry-wear. I’m of two minds about most of these. I think they’re funny, but they also defeat the entire concept of conceal carry. So for my question of the day, check out the site, then let us know: Would you wear one? Which one? Why? Why not? The really ironic part of this, is that this particular Zazzle site is based in the United Kingdom. (That’s “England” for those of you in blue states.) You’re more likely to get an excellent inexpensive meal than a concealed carry permit in The Land of Hope and Glory. Ask RF: that’s saying something. Your turn.


  1. avatar prbrown09 says:

    I like the "Does this shirt conceal my gun well?" – the double entendre would keep 'em guessing…

  2. avatar KW5150 says:

    Why not just wear a tshirt with the "A" zone outlined on it. I would never wear one. May as well open carry. My favorite was from Happy Gilmore: "Guns don't kill people. I kill people." worn by an unarmed giant.

  3. avatar skidmark says:

    Most ironic of all is that they are being sold in (formerly)Great Britain.

    stay safe.

  4. avatar frankgon4 says:

    How About “Conceal Carry Makes Me Look Fat”

    1. avatar Big Mac says:

      Yeah, that’s my favorite so far.

  5. avatar Kevin Hemp says:

    NOTE: Minnesota will NOT recognize Wisconsin Conceil Carry.

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