Mexican Gun Running A Mystery. Again. Still.

“Almost immediately after Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano announced a stepped-up vehicle search program beginning in March 2009, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officials went five consecutive months — May through September — without recovering a single weapon in El Paso, within sight of the bloodiest battleground in the Mexican drug war.” So what does that tell […]

Arsenal Introduces $499 SGL12 12 Gauge Shotgun

“Born out of a requirement for Military and L.E. demands worldwide, Arsenal, Inc is proud to introduce its latest model for the U.S. civilian market: The SGL12-02, and 03 chambered for 12 gauge 3” rounds.” Did someone forget to mention that this is the Mikhail T. Kalashnikov-designed Russian shotgun, produced at the Izhmash factory, and […]

Where Not to Go to Learn Muzzle Discipline

Far be it for me to suggest that pointing a rifle at someone who is not your enemy is a bad idea, even during training. ‘Cause it seems that Mako Defense teaches “the Israeli Method of fighting exactly as it is taught to the Israeli Special Forces, not the modified version that some companies may […]

Question of the Day/Night: What’s a Rifle Cuff?

When I cruise through YouTube videos on your behalf, I search for a key word by upload date (only the freshest fodder for TTAG readers). YouTube lumps in non-firearms videos with gun videos in the resulting list—if the non-ballistic video has the word “gun” or “rifle” in the description (e.g. “jump the gun”). All of […]