“The handgun belonged to a parent of the student (who) inadvertently left it in the child’s backpack prior to taking the child to school in the morning”

Via kdvr.com:

The parent says there certainly was no intention for the child to be walking around with a weapon in the backpack. Nevertheless, police say they took the parent into custody on charges including suspicion of child abuse and possession of a weapon on school grounds . . .

Other parents of children at Molhom Elementary are obviously concerned about the incident. Anthony Smith is one of those concerned parents, and he raised some questions, “You don’t know what your kid is taking to school, you don’t look in your kid’s backpack, you have a gun in your house and you don’t know where it is… how can a kid get a gun? And you don’t store it in a backpack.”


  1. avatar CitySlinger says:

    I suppose that the child in question was unaware also… but the quantity of bad incidents involving children with guns (especially here in Chicago) makes me want to start pushing the NRA's Eddie Eagle "STOP! Don't Touch. Leave the Area. Tell an Adult." training.

  2. avatar Patrick Brown says:

    Updated info on this story:

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