Question of the Day: What Could Possibly Go Wrong?


  1. avatar Patrick Brown says:

    Did this guy also come up with “10-Cent Beers and Free Bat Day” for a baseball game?

  2. avatar Sean says:

    The safety bullet, like gun locks, are designed to do one thing. Kill gun owners. Having your children educated and trained in gun safety WORKS. A brain is always better than a gadget. I will buy and use one of these monstrosities just as soon as the criminals all do it, along with the cops.

  3. avatar Mike Ebel says:

    I agree as soon as the police are required to have them in their service firearms then It is good enough for the rest of us. I prefer to lock up my guns so my 2 year old can't reach them and carry my loaded ready to go gun to keep small hands away from it. Also lets take a metal rod and shove it back and forth in our barrel the crown is destroyed and the firearm is no longer accurate.

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