NERF Barrel Break IX-2 N-Strike Blaster Flying Off the Shelves

NERF is one of the fad-prone toy industry’s greatest success stories: a steady-selling product line that’s morphed from a hugely popular series of indoor bouncy balls into an even more salestacular line of toy guns. Guns that push the limits of creative design where lethal firearms dare not go. The constantly-expanding arsenal of Non-Expanding Recreational Foam Blasters has inspired an entire subculture of NERF mod men. Well, boys, mostly. Young men who compete with each other (via YouTube) to increase the toy’s, uh potency . . .

We’re talking needled nosed darts and WAY more projectile velocity. The latest weapon heading for prepubescent NERF-smiths: the $54.99 Barrel Break IX-2 N-Strike Blaster hit the shelves earlier this month. According to, the Toys R Us-only double-barrel wonder is flying off the shelves. Which is surprising; the NERF trend has been towards throwing as many NERF darts down range as humanly possible.


  1. avatar flaming marmot says:

    The gun costs $20 at Toys R Us, not $55

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