Mexican President Felipe Calderón Blames Americans for Gun Violence. Again. Still.

“The Americans began to sell arms as a voracious, ambitious industry, like the American arms industry. This often provokes conflicts in countries that are poor and less developed. Africa, due to the sale of arms, is in a very similar situation to that which is being lived by the Mexican people. For the arms traffickers, it’s a business to sell arms to criminals, and we need to mobilize not just public opinion against this, but unite with international public opinion to show the irresponsibility of the Americans, as much as it bothers them or hinders their political campaigns.”


  1. avatar Patrick Carrube says:

    Pushing the blame on to someone else… well, I guess his next job can be with the U.S. Congress – he obviously has the qualifications!

  2. avatar MIke says:

    The real facts about the Mexican gun trafficking have been so politically obfuscated we readers will probably never know the truth. We do, however, have other facts that both sides of the discussion have already agreed on, that bear on the validity of the Mexican claim against the American Second Amendment. Let’s apply a little logic to Mexico’s claim. There are numerous news accounts of drug busts where the confiscated drug value exceeds 500 million dollars. From that I conclude that the profits from one major drug shipment could buy 5 million REAL AK47 assault weapons from any Middle East or former communist country. That is REAL machine gun type assault weapons not the sporting rifles that the Brady Campaign has been trying to call assault weapons. If the Mexican Drug Gangs are getting their guns from America, it’s only a mater of convenience not because they can’t afford to get them from other readily available sources. Assuming that one out of every four people in Mexico is an adult male, the profits from just one drug shipment would buy a real assault weapon for every man in Mexico.

  3. avatar chuck says:

    All the more reason to put armed guards on the borders.

  4. avatar Trailboss says:

    Goebbels would be proud of this guy…Calderón is a lying scumbag that encourages his citizens to break our laws by illegally entering the US, and most of the weapons that his cartels have come from other countries.

    Man up and accept responsibility for your own problems Calderón.

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