Iron Eagle Introduces the World’s Ugliest Picatinny Rail

Iron Eagle‘s press release for their new E-TAC Rail System tells us “there has not been a fundamental change to the Picatinny Rail system since its conception in 1995.” That might have something to do with the fact that a change—as in a radical redesign—wasn’t needed. Or was it? Three reasons you need Iron Eagle’s aesthetically challenged accessory enabler on your black gun . . .

1. Beveled slots replace the square Picatinny slots. “This gives more strength to the rail and provides a base for attachments to fit better with no chance for movement of accessories on the rail.”

2. The bottom of the rail allows for concealed accessory wiring.

3. The “Combat Draft System” lets air draft through the rail. It’s exported through exhaust ports along the sides of the rail, providing a cooling effect to the whole system. “More air moving around the barrel produces less heat stress on tactical equipment and cooler operation on the forearm. A cooler operating system means more reliability and longer life for the barrel.”

Convinced? If so, memorize the above. You’ll need it when your range buddies do the WTF thing. Free shipping, BTW.


  1. avatar JD says:

    Count me as not impressed.

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