I’m the Operator With My Vortex Long-Range Ballistics Calculator

Kraftwerk I get. Long-range sniper rifles? I’m there (preferably somewhere behind the trigger). Math? Not so much. Which is OK with Vortex Optics, ’cause they’re happy to do all that mission critical calculation crap on my behalf. Yes, me! “Anyone can use the LRBC [Long-Range Ballistic Calculator] program to generate custom drop charts for specific rifles and preferred loads – and it’s free. Use the charts as references while hunting, to make ballistic comparisons, etc. The data is yours. Data entered is stored and can be accessed and adjusted in each users individual account.” And then what? Tell that buck/zombie to hang on a mo’. I’m checking my chart. Luckily, Vortex knows I’m out there, somewhere. And so they’ve also introduced their Trajectory Matched Turret (TMT) custom turret service . . .

Custom, laser-cut TMT turrets are built using data entered into the LRBC program. Vortex TMT turrets give hunters and shooters the ability to quickly and accurately dial elevation when presented with a long range shot. Range the target, turn the turret to the corresponding marked yardage and hold dead on – it’s that simple. Of course, there is the human element involved. That’s where practice, knowing your equipment and learning to judge variables like wind velocity come in.

Me, I’m waiting for laser tagging and heat-seeking bullets.


  1. avatar ihatetrees says:

    I still recall my military range training and prefer meters and mils. The metric mil-dot reticle system was pretty straightforward. Although the zero procedure (which I never dug into) is probably similar.

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