Does the Chiappa Rhino Need Rhinoplasty?

Yesterday, I suggested that the Chiappa Rhino could be a big hit, thanks to its entirely sensible caliber (.357), promise of low(er) recoil and totally rad design (Battlestar Gallactica meets Terminator). According to the presser, the gat has a hexagonal barrel. The side-on pics didn’t show much on that front (so to speak). So I contacted my main man Charles Brown over at MKS Marketing. He sent me these shots (second one after the jump) for your dining and dancing pleasure. Notice that the Rhino’s barrel is flat-sided, which should make the gun easier to carry. I still think the 4″ barrel version will be The One. Meanwhile, good grief! Charlie’s sending TTAG a testing and evaluation model. We promise to review the weapon the same day it’s received. Watch this space.


  1. avatar roger says:

    Just got my 200DS yesterday. Very well made. The DA trigger pull is kinda beasty but all in all a neat revolver. i have not shot it however never will as i am only a collector. I know it is strange.
    Forgot to mention that a high quality leather holster comes with it which really makes the only $575 price i paid worth it.

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