American Gun Violence – Onision


  1. avatar Frank says:

    One simple word describes this video. “WORTHLESS”

  2. avatar mikeb302000 says:

    That's not fair. You found the most weak-ass video for gun control imaginable. Then you followed it with that fast-talking extremely glib response. That's putting the worst of one side up against the best of the other.

  3. avatar Robert Farago says:

    Onision's work is very popular (brooding good looks and strident sincerity will do that). Rest assured that the video was chosen by posting date first (I try to keep TTAG in the now). Granted, this is a particularly inane example of his gun control advocacy, but there are plenty of people who agree with his basic POV. Perhaps . . . you?

    You have an open invitation to post a video or editorial on this site, safe in the knowledge that TTAG does NOT allow flaming. [Send text or YouTube share code to [email protected].] As you know, we link to your site from time to time. If you can do better than "weak ass," bring it on! I am always on the look out for pro-gun control posts.

    As for the response, I wouldn't call it "glib." textingname's style may be as frenetic and profane as Onision's is affected and PC, but textingname's logic is well-thought out. In fact, would you care to shoot it down? Bullet points below would be fine.

    Meanwhile, thanks for stopping by!

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