Sunday Morning Funnies: Glock versus XD

I’m not sure this qualifies as “funny” in the conventional sense, but it definitely falls under the category of “weird” or perhaps “bizarre.” This video was created using a service called XtraNormal, which allows you to convert text to computer-generated voices along with 3D-rendered figures.  If you watch Red Eye on Fox News late nite, you’ve seen some of this video before. It’s oddly compelling. And I think we might have to look into using their service for some of our TTAG reviews. You never know…


  1. avatar Wes says:

    I was wondering if either or both "Glock triggers kinda suck" and "Hi-Points are good" would make it in there. Nice.

    And I agree with both quoted things, btw. Yeah, I said it.

  2. avatar Robert Farago says:

    Are you kidding? That’s HILARIOUS.

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