Saturday Evening Post: Stupid Human Tricks

Way back in the day, my day-job career was (briefly) threatened, when desktop publishing tools hit the market, and every Tom, Dick, and Head suddenly thought that they were print designers. YouTube brings that same logic to movie-making.

Suddenly, for the price of a Flip video camera, everybody’s a star. Not to mention producer/director/auteur. Whatever.

Tonight on the Saturday Evening Post, we have a group of three vidiots playing with a “shock gun” (whatever that is), seeing who can self-inflict pain the longest. The winner? The audience.

IF you enjoy watching people debase themselves in exchange for their fleeting, 15 minutes o’ fame, enjoy. Doing nothing whatsoever to help the cause of responsible gun ownership.

[Be advised, that girl’s got a mouth on her that would make a sailor blush. Don’t say I didn’t warn ya.]

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