Cumberland Gun Range Murderer Revealed; More Grist for the Tea Party Terrorist Mill

Ever since the Tea Party first appeared, left-wing commentators have been busy portraying conservative populism as proto-terrorism. Well, here’s more grist for their mill [via]: “Two corrections officers from the State Correctional Institution at Camp Hill are charged in the shooting death of a Cumberland County attorney and the theft of his custom, silenced rifle, authorities […]

Bodyguards Accompany Tom Cruise to the Bathroom

The celeb watchers at the report that Mr. Cruise’s armed escorts escort him to the bathroom: “The Top Gun star doesn’t like to be alone in the washroom, unlike other celebrities, who ditch their bodyguards outside the bathroom door. Tom takes his bodyguard right into the loo and stand guard close, while he answers […]

Brigham Young Prof’s Son and Daughter-in-Law Indicted for His Murder

Back in March, TTAG reported on the murder of Brigham University professor and gun collector Kay Mortensen. reports that police have now arrested Mortensen’s son Roger Kay [above] and his wife Pamela Ann for slitting the prof’s throat. “Detectives also executed a search warrant Thursday night when they arrested the Mortensens at their home […]

Irresponsible Gun Owner of the Day: Officer Gonzalez

“Details about what happened to two boys found shot to death with their father’s handgun trickled out as sheriff’s deputies tried to piece together the evidence,” reports. “San Bernardino County sheriff’s Sgt. Frank Bell said investigators are considering the possibility of a suicide pact or a murder- suicide. ‘I don’t think we’ll ever absolutely […]

“Clearly, rapid aggressive action by a single actor has been and is now the most effective countermeasure for the active killer”

Ever since the massacre at Columbine, U.S. law enforcement officials have gradually realized that a responding officer facing what’s called an “active shooter” (a.k.a. spree killer) can’t wait for the SWAT team to arrive. The cop in question has to go in, go in alone and go in hot. The lead trainer at the Southeast Area […]

Obscure Object of Desire: CSMG Fully Automatic BB Gun

Your mother wanted me to tell you: you can put several eyes out with this thing, in rapid succession. Click here for more info from and some relevant YouTubery. Meanwhile, the stats: 30 round magazine capacity .177 or .22 caliber Fires BBs or pellets Muzzle velocities up to 600 fps with the stock barrel […]