World’s Tackiest Ear Protectors Cost $250 A Pair

Just got a follow-up email from MUNITO. And aren’t I the lucky one? They’ve sent me a special invite to buy their 9mm shell-casing-shaped ear protectors! I’ll save you the registration palaver. Just click here for this limited time offer! How limited? So limited they named the product after its limitedositynesshood. “As the quantities are extremely limited, the SIFR (Special Issue First Run) will only be offered while supplies last. They will sell out.” Not convinced by the word “extremely” or the bold typeface? Here’s the product description, then, with enough TM to keep the guru Maharaj Ji in Rolls Royces through his next six reincarnations: “9mm speaker drivers with earth neodymium magnets, copper alloy housing, plated in 18k gold, MUNITIO’s proprietary Bass Enhancing Chamber™, Custom-tuned Accoustic [sic] Sound Flow System™, Silicone Hollow Points™, with noise isolating technology, Kevlar® reinforced fabric cable, 24k Gold plated 3.5mm stereo plug.” $250 clams. Plus&H of course.

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