What NY Criminals Will Carry If They Can’t Find a File to Remove Microstamping Marks. Should Microstamping Become Law. Part Two.

The BRASS MAGNET is a 100″x 144″ nylon mesh shell casing collection net, lightweight only 6 pounds and comes with its very own, easy to store and carry “stuff bag.” Brassmagnet.com.

· Six convenient weighted handles keep the BRASS MAGNET in place and provides for a quick and easy pickup.

· Velcro tabs hook multiple Brass Magnets together to accommodate large training areas.

· Unique design gives you a 75%-85% reduction in time conquering clean up with a few bends vs. a few hundred. Great for morale and your back!

· The BRASS MAGNET is very durable and has been range tested using over 1 million rounds.

· From a .22 up to a .50 cal., the BRASS MAGNET will perform flawlessly. It takes the heat so you don’t have to.

· No longer lose your brass in the weeds; the BRASS MAGNET can spread out and collect your brass over snow, mud, grass, sand, gravel and more.

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