Washington Post: McDonald Decision Moves U.S. Towards Anarchy

I know I’ve already blogged the media blowback on the Supreme Court decision incorporating the Second Amendment (i.e. making it inviolable on the state level). But this one’s a doozy. “Perhaps Chief Justice Roberts and other enthusiasts for our newly created universal right to bear arms should take a trip to Beirut or Baghdad and see how this idea works out in practice,” Washington Post scribe Ignatius advises . . .

“My biggest worry with Monday’s Supreme Court decision is that by ruling, in effect, that every American can apply for a gun license, the justices will make gun ownership much more pervasive in a society that already has too many guns.” According to . . . ? “After all, if I know that my neighbor is armed and preparing for Armageddon situations where law and order break down (as so many are –just read the right wing blogs) then I have to think about protecting my family, too.” Good thinking! Irony won’t do squat when the militias come for your canned goods. Or your guns, but that’s a whole ‘nother kettle of 50 cal.

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