TTAG Welcomes Brett Solomon

The Truth About Guns went live on February 17th of this year. Since then, we’ve published 1,245 posts. Site traffic has risen from zero to over 2000 unique views per day. So far, we’ve racked up just under 10,000 unique views. The site’s growing in a nice, steady, organic fashion. As for profitability, I’ve decided to leave potential advertisers unmolested until next year’s SHOT show, when we’ll have the rep and readership numbers that the firearms industry will like. Until then, content is king. And it’s time for another shout-out to its vassals: the writers who make this site worthy of your time and attention. TTAG couldn’t have made it this far, and wouldn’t have a future, without the talents of Brad Kozak, Don Gammill, Martin Albright, William C. Montgomery, Donal Fagan, Jim Sutherland and Robert Fure. Thanks guys. And welcome to the latest addition to our team, Brett Solomon.

Although Brett’s written for us before, this is his official “coming out.” [Read his pithy bio here.] We look forward to more brilliance, like today’s Springfield Arms EMP review.

If you’d like to write for TTAG, email [email protected] or call me on 401 835 5054. Meanwhile, thanks for making all this possible. Yes, it’s your fault. And my privilege.

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