Taser Panders to Pandering Bull Run Runners

The Bull Run is a modern mutation of the STSS (Sea to Shining Sea) Race, immortalized in the movie Gumball Rally. In all cases, it meant/means driving across long distances as fast as possible trying to avoid getting caught speeding. ‘Cause speeding is SO inconvenient. Not to mention illegal. Oops! I just mentioned it. And now that I’ve brought it up, what about this?

The TASER Foundation for Fallen Officers announces that it has partnered with M2 Worldwide Global Strategic Marketing (M2WW) for the Bullrun Rally USA 2010. M2WW, and their beautiful 2009 Aston Martin, ‘007’ lead by Rally Team, and executives Al Kenney and Mike Kalfus will drive in this year’s highly publicized Bullrun event to honor the men and women of law enforcement. . . .

Unlike most of the drivers participating in this year’s event, M2 Worldwide has expanded the mission of their drive to include raising both funding, and awareness for the families of law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty in the United States and Canada.

So a bunch of speeders are getting into bed with Taser to raise money for policemen and women who died to protect the law? Does that include officers who died in high speed pursuits?

Oh wait, speeding is against the rules. Rule 5: Speeding will lead to severe penalties, such as a time penalty. An arrest will lead to immediate disqualification. So that’s alright then. Carry on.

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