Dem IL Rep Quigley “Disappointed” by McDonald; “Let’s Close the Gun Show Loophole!”

“I am disappointed and disheartened by the Supreme Court’s decision today. When illegal guns flood our streets, precious lives are lost and communities are destroyed. However, in its decision, the Court specifically noted that laws regulating firearms are still permissible.

Under Mayor Daley’s leadership, the City of Chicago will now look to enact reasonable restrictions on gun ownership to make it as safe as possible, and I fully support this effort.

While one question was answered today, a much larger and more alarming one looms: Will Congress finally heed the call to enact common-sense gun legislation that would keep weapons out of the hands of the most dangerous segments of society?

Today, there is sensible, bi-partisan legislation before Congress that would close the gun show loophole which inexplicably permits felons, terrorists, and the mentally ill to purchase weapons without a background check. The tragedy at Columbine a decade ago and the recent Pentagon shooting share a common trait: the firearms used in each shooting spree originated from a gun show. A recent gun show audit conducted by New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg revealed that 74 percent of sellers approached by investigators completed sales to people who appeared to be criminals or straw purchasers. Inexplicably, special interests and powerful lobbies in Washington have prevented this measure from passing.

It’s time to say ‘no more.’ I plan to work tirelessly in Congress with my willing colleagues to help reclaim the middle ground in this discussion and pass responsible gun laws that make us more safe and more free.”

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