Philadelphia Labor Lawyer Buys 100 Mossbergs for his Local Police

Since 2007, attorney James Binns‘ been buying motorcycles and bikes for the Philadelphia Police. According to, Binns’ expanded CopWheels program has ponied-up some $10k for 100 Mossberg 12-gauge tactical shotguns. TTAG asked Binns if the Philly po-po had asked him to add Mossies to his largesse list. “It was my idea,” Binns said. “The gift came out of a conversation with a cop down at the police shooting range.” As you might imagine, Binns is no stranger to guns, police, or police guns . . .

“I’m the lawyer who negotiated the labor contract to switch over to .45 and .40 caliber Glocks,” he reminded us. I asked the LaSalle grad if there was any danger that his shotgunerosity might make the Philadelphia police dependent on private philanthropy. Binns practically reached down the phone line and ripped my lungs out. So, uh, could we expect more of the same next year? “Im going to buy as many guns [for the police] as I can as often as I can.” We’ll take that as a yes.

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