PA Starbucks Robbed at Gunpoint

“A pair of masked men armed with a stun gun ambushed two Bryn Mawr Starbucks employees early Friday as they prepared to open the coffee shop for the day,” reports. “The thieves wounded the workers and robbed the shop of cash. They entered the store, 766 Lancaster Ave., at 5:15 and forced the two to the floor behind the counter, said Lower Merion Police Superintendent Michael J. McGrath. The robbers took about $800 in bills and coins, he said. The men used the stun gun to shock the employees, who had superficial wounds, McGrath said. They did not need medical treatment, Police Lt. Frank Higgins said.” So how does this robbery fit into the now-quiet debate over whether or not Starbuck’s should allow concealed carry permit holders to pack heat within their walls? Pro-gun supporters will see how this incident could have gone very, very differently. And badly. Anti-gun advocates will wonder if Tasers should be banned. The majority will have a moment of schadenfreude and take another sip of their morning Joe.


  1. avatar Donal says:

    And I wonder if Jimmy Kimmel will add a taser to his routine:

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