North American Arms 22 Magnum: Miniature Epic Fail

Note: FTF = Failure to Fire. As if you didn’t know.


  1. avatar 67dodgeman says:

    I blame ammo.

    I've had one of those (chambered in .22 win mag) for years. Don't fire it much cause it ain't a lot of fun to shoot. But I've put at least several boxes through it over the years. Never had any FTF.

    Accuracy takes some practice cause it's small, hard to hold, and has a very stiff trigger (for a reason – no trigger guard!). You cannot fire it quickly and hit anything, but at the range he was at you should be able to controlled fire put all five rounds in the bottle.

  2. avatar 67dodgeman says:

    Oh, and it gets HOT quickly. You have to remove the cylinder to reload. So after 2 or 3 cylinder loads of firing, it's too damn hot to hold and you cannot reload without scorching your fingertips. Practice is a bitch.

  3. avatar Stephen. says:

    I don't think that doofus could have hit the bottle with a shotgun, the way he was jerking at that trigger.

    1. avatar tim says:

      Exactly, If he would learn to shoot and not anticipating recoil that doesn’t exist the gun would work and hit what he was aiming at.

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