New Mexico Shoots For (Not At) Eco-Tourism

“New Mexico wants to join the ecotourism trend, promoting not only the state’s natural beauty but also outdoor adventure, cultural heritage preservation and access to wild places.” Sounds like a plan to me. “Visitors are attracted by that sense of place we have here in New Mexico,” Deputy Tourism Secretary Jennifer Hobson tells “They want to go someplace where they can learn something, have a story to tell, meet the local people.” Gotcha. “Hobson and [EcoNewMexico Director Sandy] Cunningham see ecotourism as broadening the tourism market. More ranchers, for example, are embracing the idea, Cunningham said. Some already open up their land during hunting season, so adding other programs offers another way to make money. ‘They already have wildlife. Whether you’re shooting with a gun or a camera, it doesn’t matter,’ she said.” Oh I don’t know about that . . .

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