MicroSight Rocks!

When I read the report on Idaho National Laboratory’s MicroSight sight, I couldn’t make heads or tails of it. So I asked the brainiacs to send me some raw footage of the device at work. They sent me this 1950’s-style infomercial instead; which includes the same jargon I was trying to avoid. [NB: guys, next time, let us pick your music.] All that said, PLEASE SEND A SAMPLE SCOPE AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!


  1. avatar Brad Kozak says:

    They could do better with one benefits-oriented phrase in plain English: “It’s like bifocals for your gun.”


  2. avatar Daniel Leonard says:

    Hi. These work using a principle of the behavior of light called diffraction. Diffraction is a property of light that means that it bends around edges that the light encounters. By using a series of thin parallel rods with gaps between them, you can focus light in a single axis. Do a search on Youtube for single slit diffraction to see this effect. This device uses a series of concentric rings with gaps between that allows the focus of light in 360 degrees rather than on a single axis. That is how it works.

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