Merseyside Police Appeal for Firearms Informants

Handguns are banned in the U.K. And yet they haven’t disappeared. Rats! Well, informants. That’s what the Merseyside Police want to help them continue their anti-gun jihad. This is their PR appeal on that newfangled YouTube thing. Despite Inspector George Phillips’ attempt to sound all caring-like, this video is painful on all sorts of levels. Plod’s grimaces are particularly off-putting. As is his struggle to express concern for people who use guns to defend themselves (the old “you’ll put your intestines out with that thing” routine). Ultimately, Phillips reverts to the technique which has informed British policing efforts on the firearms front since the crackdown began: threats. And then the Inspector reminds his viewers that ratting-out gun owners anonymously is a done deal. A practice which always struck me as regrettable. Necessary perhaps. But regrettable.


  1. avatar R G Lyons says:

    This raises an eyebrow!! Informants???? Shades of Nazi and SS!! You do wonder sometimes just how some lawmakers can even partly believe how disarming their people will promote peace. Criminals love it!!!! Nothing for them to worry about if the law abiding citizen is disarmed.

    Nightmare material!!!!

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