AZ DA Drops Weapons Charges Against Lil Wayne

LIVE! FROM RIKER’S ISLAND IN NEW YORK! IT’S LIL WAYNE’S PLEA DEAL! True story. Appearing on a video link in front of an Arizona judge, Mr. Wayne (born Hymie Goldstein) pleaded guilty to felony possession of a narcotic drug for sale, possession of dangerous drugs and possession of drug paraphernalia. The charges stem from a police stop at a border patrol check point outside of Yuma; cops found 3.75 ounces of marijuana, 29 grams of cocaine, 41 grams of Ecstasy, $22,000 and a .40-caliber gun on Wayne’s tour bus. Thanks to some expensive lawyering, the AZ DA agreed to drop the “misconduct involving weapons” charge. Wayne was looking at a maximum six months in the slammer and $2500 fine for that one. Instead . . .

Yesterday USA Today reported that the incarcerated rapper (same beef, different state) faces “up to 36 months of probation on the Yuma charges, which will start after his New York sentence ends. Superior Court Judge Mark Wayne Reeves sentences Wayne on June 30.”

What’s the bet Wayne can stay out of trouble—and away from guns—for three years? And does anyone know what 40-cal gat the rapper was transporting from gig to gig? Smith? Glock? What?

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