John Stossel’s “Come To Jesus” Moment on Gun Control

John Stossel’s the former ABC reporter who jumped over to the quick brown Fox without skipping a beat. Actually, he skipped the crime beat. Stossel’s making up for that now, championing America’s move towards liberalization on the gun control front. Hawking his own philosophical journey from left-leaning liberal to gun-clinging conservative, Stossel’s penned a piece for the fair and balanced folk to drum-up viewers for his forthcoming Fox Business ballistic mea culpa. Straight off, John turns on his former colleagues, whose views on gun laws range from banning to confiscation. “I admit that I bought that nonsense for years . . .

Living in Manhattan, working at ABC, everyone agreed that guns are evil. And that the NRA is evil. (Now that the NRA has agreed to a sleazy deal with congressional Democrats on political speech censorship, maybe some of its leaders areevil, but that’s for another column.) Now I know that I was totally wrong about guns. Now I know that more guns means — hold onto your seat — less crime.” Can I let go now? After stealing his tagline, Stossel deploys a whole lot of [John] Lott to back up his conversion. And then ends on a personal note: “Despite my earlier bias, I now understand that striking down those [restrictive] laws will probably save lives.” Probably? Old liberals die hard. With a vengeance.

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