John Stossel is the New John Lott

Forget the NRA. John Lott is the new face of the pro-gun brand. The academic and author of the seminal work on gun control crushes his gun control opponents with the weight of statistical data. But John isn’t the most media-friendly of folks. He’s not avuncular enough to soothe viewers, and he’s not strident enough to get their blood flowing. And he hates—HATES—the media’s unscientific bias against guns. If only Lott was as charming and media savvy as . . . John Stossel. Oh wait! He is John Stossel. Or John Stossel is him. Either way, it looks like ABC’s former gun control supporter is going to “borrow” Lott’s logic and ride this More Guns, Less Crime deal as far as it goes. Given the tenor of our times, that’s going to be very, very far. Meanwhile, who are we to criticize? We’re doing the same thing. OK, forget I said anything. As you were.


  1. avatar Donal Fagan says:

    "Let me entertain you …"

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