“If you have the right to have 30, 40 or 50 guns and all the ammunition, and you get drunk some weekend, and you’re going to have some fun in the home, you better be careful”

These sage words of gun safety advise come from Chicago Mayor Richard Daley, who’s looking more and more like a nutcase, the closer and closer the Supreme Court-mandated end of his city’s handgun ban draws. Daley’s not done, of course. Yesterday, after press conferencing the fact that the city will spend some $25 million of federal stimulus money on new programs for students, schools and communities “most at risk for violent crimes” (i.e. most at risk of abandoning the Chicago political machine), Daley told his peeps to give peace a chance. “I don’t think guns are the answer,” Daley decried. “And so, like anything else, you keep the fight up. You’re fighting for people who are victims of crime.” Note: not preventing crimes. Or catching criminals. Helping the victims. Freudian slip? Hey, J. Edgar Hoover wore a dress . . .


  1. avatar 67dodgeman says:

    One time, years back, way out in the country, had a party with some of my friends (private land, closed course, professional driver and all that). Shot guns until the ammo ran out. Took pretty much all day. Then drank all night. Then started again the next day. Driving home after that, got pulled over by the po-po for speeding. Now I had, literally, the entire bed of my truck filled with crushed beer cans. Knee deep. I had at least 5 rifles laying across the seat of the cab, with pistol cases on the floor. I had spent shell casings and empty ammo boxes through-out. I stunk like all get-out. And I was speeding. In Texas.

    The cop politely asked me if I was sober. I was. He asked if the guns were empty. They were (ran out of ammo). Then he wrote me a ticket and sent me on my way. No problem at all.

    Thank God I live in Texas.

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