Huffington Post: “A Rifle for a Crib” And?

The Huffington Post has just discovered poor people. And while the left-leaning website resists the urge to blame Republicans for their existence, it takes a peculiar delight in their plight. Call it “Cry the Beloved Craig’s List.” To wit: “Nevadans and unemployed people across the country have turned to the popular website to beg, barter, self-promote, and otherwise help themselves survive the recession. One South Reno parent is willing to trade a rifle for a crib: ‘Lost my job and can’t afford a crib for my 1 year old son…. Not looking for a hand out, just need a crib and would like to make a trade. Things I have to trade… a 22lr rifle, various tools, mountain mike, car stereo equipment, 2 geforce 6900 graphics cards, an epson printer, etc.'” Author Laura Bassett has her pick of hard luck stories (surfing for Pulitzers). But the HuffPo’s headline writer chose to highlight this firearm-related tale of desperation. You would have thought Arianna’s army would be celebrating gun control in all its forms. Or are they? Go figure.

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