Hornady Puts its 30 Caliber 208 gr A-MAX® Where Its Mouth Is

John Potratz is a bullet maker for Hornady. When he’s not making bullets, he’s firing them. Pretty well, as it turns out. In fact, Potratz won the 2010 Iowa State 1000 yard bench rest championship. Mr. P bested over 20 competitors in a match that required two five-shot targets with the light guns (17 lbs or less) and two ten-shot groups with the heavy guns (unlimited class). Each target was measured for group size and counted for score. John delivered small groups from over half a mile away with high scores to win the two gun overall championship. In case you were wondering, Potratz shot Hornady 30 caliber 208 gr A-MAX® bullets [above] in his heavy gun, chambered in 30-375 Ruger. He also shot Hornady 7mm 162 gr. A-MAX® bullets in a 280 Remington Improved cartridge.

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