Kozak Upgrades TTAG’s WordPress Software

When I asked TTAG scribe, webmaster and gun-slinger Brad Kozak why we needed to upgrade to the latest version of WordPress, he said that a failure to do so could result in a hacking cough. I mean a coughing hack. And data death. “So we’re doing it to not go backwards,” I summarized. Brad assented. “Do we gain anything?” I inquired. On this point, Captain Digital was less sure. “I’ll tell you later.” For now, thanks for your patience during the transition from what you saw before, to what you see now, which is exactly the same with a little less of a gap between the bottom of the banner and the top of the two (count ’em two) tabs. I’d tell you to look out for a raft of new features, but that’s not how we roll (float?) at The Truth About Guns. We’re all about the content. That said, if you’d like to suggest how we could be even more minimalist, or forward an idea for a new [non-Glade] plug-in, gopher it. We’re all ears.


  1. avatar Brett Solomon says:

    Hi Fellas-

    First time I was able to look at the site today. Looks good to me (something is new with the font) but there is no "The Truth About Guns" in the banner at this second on my crappy AOL browser. But I am sure it is in the works…

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