Glock Gossip: Did Spenser Pratt Pull a Pistol on a Friend?

Friends don’t pull pistols on friends. Or do they? They SO do! In a Radar online exclusive (Not so exclusive now, eh Mr. Bond?) we learn that reality star Spenser Pratt brandished an unspecified Glock on a best bud. Or, well, a gopher. Or, maybe, no one at all. Anyway, you can click on over to get the first second-hand report. But I like this passively-constructed second second-hand report by Ryan Christian DeVault over at “The story from ‘the friend’ of Spencer Pratt is that he was sent out to pick up food for them, but was late getting it back to their house. Upon arriving it is alleged that Pratt unleashed on the kid, and that he pulled a Glock on him at the door while calling him a loser and a charity case. The friend then also reports that Pratt began talking ‘like a gangster’ and threatening him.” Whoa! Right? I mean . . .

If these allegations are true, that could be something that sends a regular person to jail. It’s unclear why he didn’t go to the police with these allegations when it first happened, so maybe he either didn’t think it was that big of a deal in the first place, or felt that the friendship with Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag was more important than reporting some of Pratt’s bullying behavior.”

I totally would too! Not go to the police I mean. How much is Radar paying these days anyway?


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